Dark Past is Today’s Light!

Some of us were bullied at school for different things. We might have been called inferior for being part of a minority group. We were teased for not getting good grades or for always responding slowly. Some of us were tortured physically and asked God to call us in heaven even before we turned into teen. We were mocked for our skin colour and sometimes for bulky figure. We were left alone during school breaks and no one asked us to join the group. One of the most respectable uncle who was sweetest in front of daddy touched us the way he shouldn’t have. We tried to tell the truth but no one would have let us. We stared at the toys with eagerness which weren’t ours. We dreamt of the things we never had. We wondered how it is to have everything, favourite chocolates, cool school bag, roller shoes and a PlayStation. But we grew up without any of them.
We grew up into emotionally weak person who would get attach with every person that showed little act of kindness. We did everything to pay them back for their love. Counting the days to their birthday, sending them presents and greeting cards were acts which ended up ruining their mood. We were called immature and too dramatic. We failed to express our love. We failed to deliver the message that we were seeking love. One day we really did try to take the life from our loveless entity. We failed again. Our hands were too weak to cut the vain or swallow the pills. When we came back to life we expected to see the ones we loved till core, but they had left. They never wanted to take the burden of our emotions on their shoulder. We were once again alone without any promising future. Eventually, we found a person who vowed to love us till eternity and we threw ourselves mercilessly in those hands while they manipulated our heart unsparingly.
Look at yourself! Look at me! Aren’t we beautiful and so complete? Aren’t you stronger than before? All those wounds, bitter memories and sufferings are right on your head like a crown. What were you complaining about all this time? You are not a survivor but the fittest. You are not warrior because you never chose the fight, you are the winner. You are different because you know what love is. Your heart melts when you see a homeless man, a poor child, a news on war, a starving cat, as you carry ocean of love in your heart. You are kinder than those who left you. You possess layers of humanity within you. You are that perfect leaf which doesn’t lose its beauty after falling from tree. Because the darkness of your past is the light of your present.



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