Let’s Free Our Souls

It’s too late. I’ve gone too far. I didn’t measure the distance when I left you and now you seem an echo, unreachable and undiscovered. When I left, I forgot to give you the part of yours which I was honoured to have when God was smiling at me. Now He is smiling again yet with another plan. I am slowly completing the puzzle of my soul. I’m trying to colour what is left blank in the battle of love and loss. My fingers do tremble but then again I recall, I am an art and must not left incomplete.
I love you and you say you love me too. Let it remain in your heart and let my love be in mine. Love shall be alone, concealed and sealed in our hearts. I do not have the talent of expressing my love anymore. Perhaps, I have become You. I have grown into an introvert and flown away all the bold expressions which I was famous for. But deep down in my heart I confess to my God that I love you and I’m losing my soul bit by bit in struggle to find you. I shall not die. You see, I have just discovered the purpose of my life and I should not die in the name of something which is so beautiful and serene. I should not die in the name of love. You still are my robin and I am breathing as long as you are but this has to be stopped. I need to find my own oxygen, so let’s close the lid of this coffin and free our souls while our love breaths deep down in the grave.


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