I will make a confession today. Yes a confession which I never whispered to my shadows. But first let me tell you how it started. It began years ago when I was a colourful painting not like Mona Lisa with few colours and too much mystery. I was Pollock’s modern art. An art with life. An art with so many colours and each colour entailing life, passion and fight. I was a love yet too afraid to fall in love. I was bold yet too prudent to give my heart away. And then I met you. No, let me put it rightly, You came into my life. You chose to stay despite my persistence. You started flying around me like I was the only nectar in your life. I avoided, I ignored and I stitched my heart which was slowly falling in love with you. I belonged to someone else and I had no control over my life, but secretly I became rebellion. I chose you over him. I broke the norms and stood for you. I left the one who was chosen for me and I gave you my all heart. I uncovered my soul layer by layer. I forgot all the pride and arrogance I was famous for. I started sharing with you all those hidden secrets and slowly I was transparent to you. And I confess I love you more than I ever loved anyone. You are Sun just like your name soothing and burning me at the same time. But now after all this time it seems I was just a friend to you. A friend with whom you can laugh. A friend good enough to hang out with. It seems you were obsessed only with my beauty and you tried to win me so you can envy your friends. You say they don’t believe you how drenched I am in your love. For heaven’s sake! I am not a challenge or trophy! I have buried my ego just to love you and hold you till my last breath. Why don’t you see the spark in my eyes when I see you? Why can’t you notice my fading smile when you say I can never fall in love? Why can’t you see I am loosing myself bit by bit in your love? Love me before I become Mona Lisa with pale colours and charade smile.


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