Finding You

See this path I once walked with you. Isn’t it just it used to be? It seems that autumn when we parted has never left. These dried leaves are in their perfect shape as no one ever walked on them. Look at the tree trunk it still has marks of our hands. Look at the sky blushing as our lips are still entangled. But few things are changed. This path is no more chanting with our voices. With your voice. I often come here and ask the trees if you left behind any note for me. Perhaps, a good-bye letter. They are as unaware as me and it looks as you are never going to come back. Although, the soil beneath my feet is still hoping to feel us together and we lie here one more time.
(Google Image)


3 thoughts on “Finding You

  1. Good job writing this. I appreciate your honesty stating this image is from Google. It would be a nice trying to photograph something that you feel illustrates the best your writing though. 🙂 Maybe because I like photographs, but I feel it would be a cool challenge !


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