Be My Friend

There are friends who think we are unhappy because we don’t talk much. They are wonderful and concerned people but they need to understand something. Happiness is not reflected through the screen you are right now looking at. Yes, screen of the modern gadgets. If I don’t post photos of my family, don’t assume I am sad. If I don’t tell you each and every detail of my life it doesn’t mean I am hiding pain. If I don’t use YELLOW PEOPLE in my chat, it doesn’t mean I am serious or upset. If you don’t see my selfies with my spouse, it doesn’t mean I have a bad relationship. If my spouse doesn’t comment on my social page, don’t conclude I’m not loved. If I say I’m busy with work, don’t think I have financial problems. Some of the caring friends are keen to listen to what problems we are going through, but if you really care then just talk. Laugh with me. Chat on silly things. You don’t have to be there only to be a healer or counsellor. We all have some problems which never define our whole life a tragedy. They are just pebbles on smooth road. If you really care just be that amazing friend I can’t live without talking to.
#athousandyearsoflearning (Google Image)


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