Your Fragrance

Dear Mommy,
It would have been great if you had communicated before parting. At least you should have informed. You could have told me that you no more wished to stay. You knew that good-byes without reasons hurt longer or sometimes forever. Your final glance still follows me every where I go, and the fragrance which you always perfumed is still around me. Mommy, did you ponder that how hard it could be for me to see you disappear. This isn’t fair. I shall never forgive you. First, you pampered me and then you detached yourself. What was I? A puppet to entertain? Answer me! Okay. Don’t say anything. But at least you should have taken all your stuff along with you. Why did you leave these souvenirs behind? So I can never forget you, right? You should have gone to any other city or country, but why did you choose that wooden box? Why you never convinced the death angel to let you be with me or to take me with you so I could have lived with you and your fragrance for eternity.
Your Broken Child.


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