Sponsor a Child

Many of us are deprived of inner happiness, and we search them in places which are too empty. But have we ever thought that inner happiness lies? Well, I don’t know much about spirituality and philosophy, yet I bet you that sponsoring a child can really make you feel amazing.

Melon Mission is a small non-profit organization which is providing a ray of hope to over 450 children in Nakuru, Africa. They do their best to provide education to children in their minimum resources. To educate a child they need a sponsor who is willing to pay the small amount of fees for these blooms. When we sposor a child and take initiative to educate him or her, we are educating an entire generation. We are changing the life of many families. Moreover, we are changing ourselves.

I need your help to sponsor Virginia. She is 15 years old and has completed her primary education last year. She did very well in the final examination and scored very good marks that can enable her join high school and achieve her dream of being a lecturer in future. Despite having a very serious skin infection on her leg that really traumatized her for a long time, she managed to be the brilliant girl in her class in the final examination last year.
Virginia is from a single parent family, she lives with her mother after her parents separated. Her mother works as casual labourer who does a casual job to earn a living. Unfortunately what she earns is so little to help her adequately provide for her family of three girls and manage to take Virginia to high school.
Virginia is a very hard working girl, while at Melon she used to assist other pupils in calculating mathematics.
She was the leader of the environmental club in Melon and also she so kindly took care of the young ones at school whereby she would even assist some of them getting home after classes.

We kindly hope she will get a sponsor in order for her to continue with her secondary education as she is truly desperate to join high school but needs someone to assist her.

It’s a one-time pay off of $200 to cater for the initial requirements of a uniform, books and supplies for the child to join high school and then a commitment of $25 per month for the four years in high school.

To sponsor Virginia Njeri please donate a one-time initial sponsorship of $200 using the following link


And then set up a monthly payment of $25 which is a four year commitment using the following link


If you can please sponsor Virginia please help her in her secondary school education pursuit, but also, you may not be able to sponsor her but you can share this post and get the necessary help for her and other children in need of sponsorship.

Stay Blessed!



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