Masquerade •••

You didn’t leave.
You crawled out of my life.
You walked out
on tiptoe.
Without a sound.
Without a sign.
I wish,
You would have
continued your tradition
and made the ending
as dramatic as the opening.
Or I would have got a minute
to thank you
for making me realise
how precious my love is
to be wasted on undeserving.
At least you could have
left behind some hate
the way you banged the love.
The way you boast the love.
Poor boy!
You need to grow more
and learn the better way
to torn the hearts.
You need to learn
how to lie
As gaining love through sympathies
doesn’t break your heart.
It takes away the courage to trust
And to love
only from the people
who believed in your
Painting By: Micheal Beckett
(Google Image)


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