Eid Mubarak!
I am not going to be narcissist here, but you know what’s the one thing I love about myself? “Since childhood I always look forward to celebrate Eid!” Yes I get up early, dress up and feast! Isn’t that what our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) asked us to do so?
It hurts when I ask people what are they up to on Eid and they reply, “ah not at all excited!” or “Nothing! Would just sleeeeeep!”
I understand that we all get quite sleepless during ramadan and especially if you have a work in the morning too. Sleep. But why not in afternoon? Why not dress up and make your evening special.
People say they have no place to go. No problem. Stay home and enjoy the food, new clothes and the company of your loved ones. Then they say they have no one to sit with. Okay! Cook your self something delicious! Watch TV. Call a friend. Admire your outfit. No money for the clothes? Wear the best you have in your wardrobe. But don’t say you aren’t interested in this day!
You might think I am advising without being into such situations. No my dear. I have been in each of them which I jotted above. Yes and that is how I acted.
I never got an opportunity to go to mosque in my hometown. But I would wait for my dad and brothers to come home after Eid prayer. Now for last five years, I dress up and offer prayers. I come out and wish my soulmate a happy Eid. Because how can I miss the blessings which God sends on me through His angels. Just remember while you are wasting your day wearing pyjamas and sleeping on Eid, someone somewhere might be wishing to have the chance of celebrating this day in peace. Don’t deny the favours of your Lord. Cherish them before it’s too late.
Dress up! Feast! And Merry! Wish you all a very happy Eid ❤

Photo Credit: Adnan Shahzad


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