Fears •••

img_0113-1He was just right in front of me.

Like my reflection

in the mirror.

Had I moved my hand,

I would have touched

his face and

those eyes

where love hides.

I would look at him

when he stared away.


“Is this a dream?”

I would fix my eyes

at the coffee mug

when caught gazing at him.

It’s hard to remember

if I was mad at him

for all the heartaches.

But all I can recall,

all that time when

He was right in front of me

my faith in

“Prayers do get accepted”

was getting stronger.

But then,

I was too afraid to hold his hand.

What if he was a mirage,

leaving my hands empty.

That night, I couldn’t sleep.

I was too afraid

to wake up seeing him gone.

I wonder, if I would ever sleep?

Even though he is right here!


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