I wonder where my life is going..

There was a time when I would read all night and would get up fresh. I would move around happily in my pjs and eat ice-cream at 3:00am. I was always laughing. I laughed so hard that I’d fall on floor and people would stare at me. My eyes were bright and soul was wild. I would dance in rain and post the photos of my favorite mug on Instagram. I’d brag about important people of my life through WhatsApp and Facebook dps. I would plan movies with my friends. I didn’t care about anything else. Life was simple. My photos were lively. My life had no problems. I knew I was loved and that was all I needed. But today I long for unknown lands. I desire to run away. I’m all ready to jump into the sea. My eyes are always in search of something. I get up with tired body and drained soul. I look back and wonder how my life has become a desert which once was a garden.



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