Bucket List

So everyone has a bucket list. A few love thrill other love serenity. But how many times have we really thought of doing things which we really wish to? Most of us don’t have any bucket list, and we take life where ever it takes us.

Life is a one time gift. It’s no doubt a blend of pain and joy, but only that grows more what we water more. Ponder over your pain every day and night, the pain will become the trademark of your life. Accept the pain and find the ways to bring happiness, the journey becomes easy.

I love happy-go-lucky type people who work hard for their happiness. They know the truth about living at its fullest. They take every opportunity to be enthusiastic and passionate about their goals.

Often people who work on their bucket list tend to live more happily than those who just drag lives. Having a bucket list gives us an opportunity to to discover our strengths and weaknesses. It keeps us on our toes; thus, providing less or no time for indulging into negative thoughts which can lead to depression.

It’s not necessary that your bucket list has to go with your daytime economy. Sometimes, the things which cost almost nothing can bring he greatest joy in your life.

To tick the things from your list can take years, but what maters most is that you are actually trying hard for it. This is one way to tell yourself that you matter too! You have to give priority to yourself as well.

Here are a few of the things which are in my bucket list. Some of them are done and for others I have kept my fingers crossed.

1. Visit South Africa’s craziest and famous Bloukran Bungy bridge jump and jump from there. Bungee jump is a must for adrenaline rush lovers and it’s still on my list. When would I do it? Well.. One day.

2. Educate a child. I always wanted to pass my knowledge to someone else. Anything I learnt from my life, from alphabets to the teachings of life. I haven’t completely done this, but my profession gives me opportunity to work on it. As a teacher I try my best not only to teach what is given in the curriculum, but to make some change in their lives.

3. Visit Mecca. Yes after years of waiting I crossed this wish from my list in June 2016. The best thing was that I was there on my birthday.

4. Do Phd. I love education! I believe that there’s no age for learning. Phd is one of my biggest dreams and I know it isn’t a piece of cake. Although I always wanted to be a forensic linguistics, I couldn’t as the course wasn’t available in my country. I still have an option of doing Phd in TOEFL and with will of God I will do it one day.

5. The fastest roller coaster in the world. I love adventure and all the scary rides, and I had heard a lot about Ferrara Rossa in Ferrari Worls. I didn’t know that life would one day bring me to UAE and I’d get a chance to try it. It’s amazing! The experiences was exciting and thrilling. I am glad I crossed it from my list sooner than I expected.

6. To see Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with these two iconic architectures. All I know is that I want to visit these one day.

7. Go skydiving. Many adventurous people have this on their bucket list and most of them do this on their birthday. I always wanted to before I turn 30 and I am glad I crossed this just 6 months before my birthday. If you are an adventure lover then add this on your list and go for it! You won’t regret! This is one of the best thing I have done in my life! From getting on the plane and exiting it, each moment has a thrill in it! One more thing, fears are just a product of human mind. You can conquer them with just a single step of courage.

8. Write a book. Writing a book isn’t the dream of most of people. Although human mind is full of thoughts and imagination, but only a few put them on paper. Some of those who write often dream to see their work in a form of book while other jettison their old journals. I started to write when I was in high school, but never had an idea that I’d be publishing a book. Five years ago, I put this dream on my bucket list. This dream is half achieved, since I have published my poetry till now and the novel is still on it’s way. Soon. Yes soon.

9. Travel by Cruise. My friend who has travelled by cruise find it a boring thing. May be he is not bound to sit at one place. However, my love for sea urges me to experience the calmness and anger of sea. Not a month but at least a week. Still waiting for it to happen.

10. Learn to play a musical instrument. I love violin. I love guitar. I love piano. But I have no command on any. Being studied from Convent, I just remember the first basic lesson of piano. I have a faded memory of a. beautiful nun teaching me to practice the keys. Right Left. Right Left. What happened next is a gone faded memory and I eagerly want to make it happen again. But his time perfectly and polished. I don’t know where to start from. But at least to learn one is on my list.

These are just a few of those things which I have done still waiting to do. But I am glad I have a list which keeps my each day worth living. What’s on your list? If you don’t have any then make one today, as life happens once only.


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. That’s indeed a great way to stay focused..
    To have some aim in life…
    Ive always wished that one day Ill travel atleast 100 countries.. 4 down 96 to go..haha
    Lets hope that ONE DAY will come sooon..
    Good luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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