A Letter to Syria 🇸🇾 

Dear Syria,

I’m sorry we have forgotten you. I’m sorry the world has lost its sympathy, compassion and care. Probably, constant news and photos of dying children have turned our hearts into stones.

Facebook doesn’t give you an option to mark yourself safe as it knows you have no access to the Internet. It doesn’t even ask us to change our display photos to show solidarity towards you. And people don’t use hashtags of savesyria any more.

My Syrian friends don’t talk about you too. They feel helpless and probably an escape from this conversation seems a better option to them.

But let me confess Syria! When I saw you on my newsfeed today, I immediately scrolled down and avoided looking at you. Because I was too afraid to look at your helpless and motionless babies.

Then I came to work and picked the paper. You were on front page. I wanted to put it down, but I saw the article; people blaming U.S and U.S blaming Assad. But no one said what needs to be done. We all are crestfallen and have lost the courage to talk about the unimaginable things you are going through.

Dear Syria, I know there are people who are too scared to share their land with you, but there are some who want to bring you to their homes.

Dear Syria, there are people who speak of The Holocaust and curse Hitler, but stitch their lips when it comes to you. However, I have seen people who speak for you and who fight on social media just like me. Since we are no warriors. So here I use my pen instead of sword to tell you that I stand with you. I salute you as you have written a new history by surviving greatest wounds. I’m sure those ruthless people are unable to fathom what iron you are made of.

Stay strong dear Syria! God might not send us there to help you, but he has surely poured the blood of warriors in your veins.

You will see the freedom!

You will smile again!


Helpless Human.


6 thoughts on “A Letter to Syria 🇸🇾 

  1. Beautifully written…
    I swear I feel so helpless when i read about them.. n the only thing that comes in my mind is WHEN WILL IT END??
    I confess, I did the same.. scrolled down without lookin at their faces..
    May Allah make it easy for them..

    Liked by 1 person

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