To Mothers in Heaven 

You have been strong women, because you not only gave birth to life but you saw yourselves abandoning your children when death approached you. How your heart would have cried when you had seen the death angel smiling at you. You wanted to say, “Let me cuddle a piece of my heart again. Let me kiss my baby once more. Let me see my child growing and becoming strong.” And death angel might have answered, “Nothing will be ever enough for you dear lady! For your heart is deeper than the seas. I sometimes look at you in amazement how can you hold so much love inside your tiny small organ. I have to take you because that’s what Divine wishes.” And their the last breath would have left your lips.  

Dear moms in heaven, you aren’t forgotten. You can never be forgotten. Because when the fetus was grown and ready to leave your womb, it left behind its DNA. It is there in you. Children without mothers have always known this that their mothers are carrying them in heaven too, but the modern day scientist have just discovered it. They say you carry our DNA in your brain. They call it a DNA, I call it a piece of soul.

Dear mothers, your children are strong. Don’t fret for them. They cry in pillows sometimes, but they will not let you down. When the world brings flowers and cakes for their mothers, we close our eyes and think of you. Crave for you. Ask for you. But don’t worry, once the pain leaves, our faith that you are forever with us becomes stronger.

Dear mothers in heaven, we all have lived without you on a hope that we shall meet again where world has no calendar. We shall embrace each other again and then it would be for eternity. No death must fear us, for we have parted enough in this world. Wait for us! We will be there one day to sparkle your eyes again and to find the truest love back.


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