Two Defeated Soldiers 

Lost in the forest,

drowning in the river.

I was a soul who never

had found its purpose.

I took my corpse and put it in the coffin

Once the last nail was put

I set the fire to burn

some lost dreams and incomplete love.

The sun shone,

and among the roots and herbs

I heard the footsteps

of a rider approaching.

Tired to the bones.

Scars worn as a crown.

Lost in the battlefield

he left the city which echoed with

humans. Happy and sad humans.

Evil and good humans.

In all such kinds,

he too couldn’t find

one for himself.

I looked at him and asked,

what made you leave the crowd?


He didn’t smile.

He put the fire to cold

before my skin could have melted

and bones would have turned into ashes.

What was he saving?

His soul or mine?

I held the trunk of an old tree

too uncertain to walk away

or look into eyes of this stranger.

A stranger who was as weak as me.

Before I could have said something

He cast the spell and next moment

I was in love.

We drenched in the rain

Without saying a word.

We set the horse free

Just like our souls.

In the woods our names shall echo

hearts must stay entwined.


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