Nomads in Circle

In his soul

I poured mine.

Heart rode on the waves

Untamed and wild.

And charade became

Impossible to hide.

I confessed love

And he was silent.

I started to walk,

He held my hand

And repeated my words

With addition of ‘too.’

I believed it.

My particles,



All became his.

Without my consent

My each cell, tissue and,

Organ was falling in love.

I was me,

But I wasn’t.

He was mine,

Yet he wasn’t.

In return for my love,

I was given



And care,

But love.

He had loved

And he had lost the spark.

No matter how high the flames

Of my heart were,

He couldn’t love me back.

He couldn’t call me home.


We both are nomads.

I, in search of him.

He, in search of her.


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