You left behind

You come back

Once in a while to see

What you have left


I would never

Give you a pleasure to

See the wrecked soul

Who was broken,

Torn apart

And crushed by you

In name of love.

But let me tell you

You have left behind

‘stoned heart’

Who breaks those

Who approach it.

They say

Damaged people

Either end up

Damaging others


Keep damaging themselves.

I have chosen former

Just like you.

I break

Everyone who approaches.

The air told me

You are curious why I have

Peeled my old skin.

I have changed my hair

Into purple-

Undressed my wounds

And have pierced them with


So that each touch of yours

Can hide beneath

The glitter-

Any fragrance of you on my skin

Go away with new skin.

I am leaving

Everyone behind

And embracing things

You hated most.

Look what you have done-

You have taught me how to drink

And stay sober.

Huma Adnan

NB: I don’t own the image


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