Screens and Circles

We are bunch of lonely people.

Desiring what we see on screens.

Making idols out of

Fashion magazines,

Couple goals are on facebook pages

And the perfect families

Exist on instagram.

We pick them,

Worship them,

And then

Burn in our own desires.

Without knowing

That on the other side of the screen

The fire is stronger than ours.

The hide-the-worst-and-display-the-best

Game is keeping this world in circle.

But then there are some

Who don’t fit in the circle.

People who walk in a queue

People who stand in a line

For water

For food

For –

There is nothing more they want.

While you and I

People of circled world

moist our eyes

Thinking we cannot afford

A holiday in Paris.

The humans who live in straight line

Are at peace.

Because they don’t own

The screens

Which can set hearts and homes

On fire!

P.S: I don’t own the image.


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