I have been a clown

i don’t say

hopes shouldn’t be

associated with

new beginnings

and a new trail of

365 days.

i say,

what of those

who get tears

instead of chocolates

on the eve of

thirty first.

those who rather getting


find themselves alone?

how shall they embrace new year

who realize a few minutes before

the firework show,

that there soul is already set on fire

and their love was just

a clown juggling

to entertain some people.

what resolutions should

those be making

who find their heart


in hands of

the sea of selfishness.

i saw questions in the eyes of


who gave one last chance to


and asking me

why the last person too

had to be one of those

who had crushed their hearts.

and i say,

embrace it!

and you will heal.


i don’t know

since i have been ripped too

while juggling bottles

on his blue, white, green days.

p.s: i gave away smiles

and now i carry wounds.



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