When Love is New

Remember when I said, no matter what, how many times you do something, or try something, you can never create the ‘first moment’ again, you didn’t like it. I said any love or friendship always offers us the new vibes when it begins. We experience something which sweats our hands, increases our heartbeat, takes away our appetite and still it gives us this ‘lovely’ feeling that never comes back once the hearts and thoughts are exchanged. Today we like the immense care showering upon us, and tomorrow the same person will be nothing but a suffocation. Today, we will find ourselves appreciating every tiny thing they do for us, but tomorrow it would go unnoticed. When love is unsure and new, we give hints to them and wait for the signs with goosebumps. When love is all ours, we find it hard to express feelings. Today we are leaving everything and rushing to see them, tomorrow we would be thinking million times if to see them. When Love is new it’s charismatic, so take it as a perfect coffee, because who knows tomorrow your coffee will not taste as good as today.

Today our coffee is cold. Love has become a sand of an hourglass. Our conversations have turned into masquerading smiles. ‘The first magic’ is gone, and both of us are quietly watching our souls turning into ashes. I am running around in insanity, and telling everyone who seems to be in love, ‘if you are doing something to take their attention today, make it a ritual of love.’ No reality comes again, but if love happens, don’t kill it. Nurture it.

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