His Perfect Family Photo

after a while he realized

he can’t fit me in his family photo.

in the frame that was just for him

and his loved ones.

and there was no room for me.

my friends in West say it’s impossible

and I tell them it’s just another eastern thing.

good boys, the ones immensely loved by parents,

do not say no to them.

a good boy never presents to them

a girl who would dearly loves him.

he would rather break her heart

than to hurt his mom, dad, brother, sister,

aunt, uncle, neighbours, society, God…

and llist is so long.

so yeah I couldn’t fit in his 6×4 frame.

I can dress up in colours.

I hate and he loves.

I can cook the food he eats.

I can be a clown and juggle



his family,

his children,

his love,

his mood swings,

his coldness.

but clowns are meant for stage.

clowns don’t have place to call home.

so when I saw

I can never be part of

a perfect family photo,

I left.

West would never know the pain,

and East would do nothing to stop the pain.

– Huma Adnan



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